More About Pilates

The benefits of regular matwork classes become clear very quickly - you will leave your first class feeling taller and will have taken the first steps to improved body awareness, better posture and a stronger more elegant physique.

Joseph Pilates was a boxer, gymnast and circus performer who during his internment in the UK during WW1 developed the basis for his method of exercise. Initially the Pilates method was the secret weapon of the dancer's world but the exercise industry has grown to realise that the true basis for physical development and improvement stems from a strong centre - through abdominal muscles, back and shoulder stabilisation. It improves coordination, flexibility and posture and promotes the feeling of well being and is suitable for both the unfit and superfit participant.

My matwork classes are based around improving this core strength, emphasising awareness of the working elements of the musculature of the abdominal, back, buttock and shoulder girdle. You will learn how to locate and isolate these muscles and challenge them with specific movements.

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