Welcome to Back in Balance Pilates

Back in Balance Pilates classes and one-2-one sessions are run by Caroline McCord, who is a Pilates Institute-trained, highly experienced and fully insured pilates matwork and one-2-one Instructor. Caroline has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years and is continually looking to update and expand her knowledge.
Caroline is Pre and Post natally trained and has qualified as a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist with the Pink Ribbon Program. Having completed a course for Pilates for MS and neurological conditions Caroline has a number of clients on a 121 basis with Parkinson's, MS and Stroke conditions. Caroline has recently completed courses for Menopause and mid-life, restoring pelvic floor function and reducing stress incontinence as well as osteoporosis and bone health. She is now a fully qualified Women's Wellness specialist.
Caroline uses various pieces of equipment in her group matwork including Pilates circles, balls, bands, TYE 4 and weighted balls. She provides all these tools but does ask all her clients to bring their own mats and to buy a foam roller for fascia release work.
Caroline's classes are available in the Marlborough, Hungerford, Andover, and North Dorset area. She has recently moved house to Bourton and is now running matwork courses int the village.
The classes are run as courses which guarantees the client progression, individual attention and safe practice in controlled group sizes. Her classes are dynamic, challenging, safe and fun where benefits are seen in as little as 6 weeks in strength, posture and body awareness.
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Client Testimonials
"You will see a dffierence in muscle tone and improved strength in just 6 weeks - the results are amazing!"
"Pilates has huge benefits for your body - improved strength, posture and shape. It was one of the best decisions of my life to do pilates classes with Caroline. I am completely addicted!"
"Caroline is an inspiring teacher whose enthusiasm is infectious. Her knowledge and attention to detail guarantees you will progress safely and gradually within your limits and at the same time challenging those limits."
"As a Pilates novice I am so glad I met Caroline when I did. Caroline has her eyes on all of us all the time, she won't let anyone get away with anything and she works us hard! But we leave every lesson on a physical and mental high! She is highly experienced and knowledgeable, incredibly encouraging and great fun. I would give up a lot before I give up my Pilates with Caroline." Ann, Marlborough

Special Offers
£10 discount for taking 2 concurrent courses!

Caroline will be teaching on two Pilates retreats in Northern France this summer on the following dates
6-10 July
11-15 July
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